What we do

Our Care

At Calvary Gate Lodge we believe that people with mental health conditions and learning difficulties are entitled to live a meaningful life in the community and have full control over their lives as any other citizen. We know you have within yourself what it takes for you to live a fulfilling life.

We demonstrate a clear focus with emphasis on enablement and empowerment to participate in ordinary community life which may involve help to access one or more of the following:

Life and Social skills

Work and Employment

Recreation/Leisure Activities

Keeping safe

Healthy lifestyle and wellbeing

College/vocational skills


Community involvement

Advocacy and choices

How can we proof its happening as promised

Our Proof and Integrity

Calvary Gate Lodge primary objective is to enable and value all our clients by effectively implementing individualized care plans. This is offered within the framework of the CPA approach.

Open and honest reports of the daily experiences of our clients and the services we offer or facilitate can be found in the care planning and daily documentation.

We promote the involvement of our clients and involved relatives and community support teams.

The stages of the clients support planning process includes;

Assessment of needs, strengths, abilities

Planning and implementation of agreed support to meet individual needs

Planning and implementation of agreed support to meet individual needs

Regular evaluation of planned support to ensure that identified needs are being met

To ensure best physical and psychological health is attained by adults, Calvary Lodge Gate will ensure that the following are being carefully monitored

Promote health education and health promotion regarding healthy lifestyle and wellness

Take reasonable steps to increase their fair access to healthcare services and opportunities appropriate to their individual needs

Ensure cultural, spiritual and religious needs are being catered for

Making sure that clients are well informed about options/choices that may be available for them have control over every aspect of their life