Who we are

Calvary Gate Lodge

At Calvary Lodge, we provide a therapeutic milieu with the aim of promoting recovery and fostering rehabilitation for clients with severe and enduring mental health conditions or mild learning disability.

Our objective is to promote independent living in the community for our clients, with the assistance and support of our dedicated qualified and experienced staff.

Our caring staff will work with clients in reintegrating clients into the community.

Tailored to individual needs, our staff will support, assist and empower clients to gain or retain the skills required in order for them to continue to live as optimal a life as possible.

Our Mission Statement

Our purpose is to contribute to the creation of a positive living and learning environment to meet the individual needs of our clients. The intervention and support services we provide are based on proven approaches, and therapeutic modalities which increase motivation for clients to take responsibility for managing their mental health.

Our Objectives

Calvary Gate Lodge primary objective is to enable and value all our clients by effectively implementing individualized care plans. This is offered within the framework of the CPA approach.

This is aimed at empowering our clients in regaining and retaining hope, having an understanding of one's abilities and limitations.

Encouraging clients to engage in active life, promoting personal autonomy.

Reestablishing social identity and a positive sense of self, defining meaning and purpose in life.

Calvary Gate Lodge embraces the principles of Recovery Model as an inclusive and collaborative approach to recovery. We will actively participate and encourage clients to achieve individual goals.

Our Focus is to Foster


Attaining relevant living skills


Socialize within home and community


Promote social inclusion


Work toward a recovery model


Planning, shopping, cook and plan menus based on healthy living. Gain relevant budgeting skills.


Pursue leisure activities and vocational skills within the community. Create new personal interests


Participate in the community to become a valued member of society.


Improve in both practical and biopsychosocial skills

Promoting Positive Behaviors

Gain socially acceptable standards of personal hygiene and appearance


Be responsible for prescribed medications with the aim to self-medicate and keep own health check appointments